The best cryptography tool for symmetric 64 bits keys.

What it does? It generates keys, encrypts and decrypts any regular file.

How it encrypts? It slides the bits of the words on a torus and mixtures each word with the next word.

What does it mean 'It slides the bits of the words on a torus'? It mixes the bits like the game torslid does with the hexdigits.

Is it better than crypt - Meat grinder 4n4t? Slibionator is much slower than Meat grinder 4n4t as: So you should choose the software suitable for your need.

Special characteristics:

Definition: The expressions 'the software' or 'this software' means slibionator.

The software may be downloaded by everybody for evaluation only. The following license defines the conditions for its usage and its redistribution.

If the following license excludes you, but you want to use the software, you need to contact me, Pedro Izecksohn, to discuss the price per year for your usage of my software.

I want to pay for it.

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