Right Triangle

The interactive sides to angles and hypotenuse calculator.

By: Pedro Izecksohn , izecksohn at yahoo dot com

After you click inside the applet, use your arrows to make the triangle grow.

The legs are measured in pixels. The angles are calculated (from radians) to degrees. Hypotenuse's size is calculated, so it differs from the number of pixels used to draw it. All calculations are made using double, but are shown rounded to float. NaN angles are not shown.

To download it together with the source click here.

Your browser is blocking the execution of this applet.

If you can not see the applet, but you are seeing an empty box, it is because you do not have Sun Microsystems' Java 6.0 (code named Mustang) plugin installed.

Known Bugs:

In Mozilla Firefox 1.5 for Linux, when the applet is focused, some times it does not receive KeyEvents.

In Konqueror 3.3.2 for Linux, the first time the applet is painted, the method paint paints only the upper-left corner.


The user be able to move and turn the triangle, using the modifier keys SHIFT or CONTROL together with the arrows.