A math game for the console
By: Pedro Izecksohn
Date: 2009-Sep-09
This program is free, so it has no warranty at all.
To redistribute this program:
  • You must make sure the source code is available to the receiver;
  • You must not take the authorship from me;
  • You must not modify this license.

Goal: To train students to convert from decimal to other numeric bases, such as binary, octal, hexadecimal and many others.

Download .zip precompiled for Windows
Instructions for Windows:
This program can not run inside a compressed folder. You must decompress it first.

Download .tgz
Instructions for Unix-systems:
tar -xzvf rebase.tgz

Thanks to the my student who inspired me to code this.
Thanks to Digital Mars for their marvelous C compiler.
Thanks to John Matthews (from Reading, UK) for his comments.